Dear Friend,

You are invited to attend a fDr Drew K McPhailree informational seminar that will teach you about a safe, effective, new breakthrough in medical technology that may completely eliminate your peripheral neuropathy and help restore normal function and feeling to your hands and feet!

FREE admission to the seminar!

If you've struggled with numbness, tingling and loss of sensation in your extremities and or have problems doing the activities that you once loved, then attending this free 1-hour seminar could literally change your life forever!

Hi, I'm Dr. Drew K. McPhail of McPhail Chiropractic Pain Relief Center in Summerville, SC.

We've seen many people with moderate to severe peripheral neuropathy leave our office pain free and we'd like to share this information with you too. Again, this seminar is FREE, but you must pre-register to attend.

During this FREE Seminar you will learn:

number 1   A safe effective option (that is FDA cleared) that does NOT involve drugs or surgery. . .
number 2   Non-surgical procedure, used in sports medicine to accelerate the healing process. . .
number 3   How this technology promotes rapid healing of the injured tissues and nerves. . .
number 4   The impressive success rate of returning patients to everyday life without pain, numbness and tingling. . .
number 5   And much much more...



McPhail Chiropractic Pain Relief Center  

Tuesday, October 13th
3:00 p.m.
1709 Old Trolley Road
Summerville, SC 29485